“The Avengers”

“The Avengers” is coming to theatres this Spring.

The movie is highly anticipated for not only comic book fans but movie buffs alike.

The movie brings Captain America, Thor, and of course Iron Man together in one star studded movie.

Check out the trailer below…

“The Amazing Spiderman” Official Trailer

The highly anticipated Spiderman franchise re-boot, “The Amazing Spiderman” comes to theatres this Summer.

Check out the HD trailer below

How will this new franchise do compared to the last? Will it top the Toby MaGuire franchise’s box office records? Share your thoughts below

“Bully” Update: PG-13 Rating

The documentary “Bully” will no longer be rated R, the documentary will now be rated PG-13. Despite the fact that some scenes have been altered and F-bombs removed, the director stuck to his guns and kept a crucial scene with 3 F-bombs despite the lowered rating.

Hopefully the attention from the documentary’s controversial rating will help garner attention for its select theatre release April 13th.

For more information on the documentary and its revised rating, read the full article here.

Here is another trailer for all of you fans out there


“Bully”: A documentary That Hopes to Stop Bullying

Bullying has been an ongoing issue that for whatever reason still persists overtime. “Bully” is the first feature documentary to put the spot light on the issue, the only way a documentary can.

The documentary shows how we all have been affected by bullying in one way or another. The movie appeals to the victim, the bully, and even the witnesses who did nothing. The documentary begins the first day of school and centers on the real-life reality victims of bullying face on the school bus, the cafeteria, in class, and in the halls of school everyday.

Watch the trailer below.

This documentary comes out soon and encourages us all to unit to make a change and stop this issue before it continues any longer. No child should every feel like they do not want to go to school because they are being ruthlessly bullied.

It’s also interesting to note that the production company, the Weinstein Company, stated that they will release the documentary next week with no rating to show the raw reality of bullying, arguing that the repeated use of the f-word is part of the reality of being bullied.

Now it is up to the theatres if they will allow children to view the documentary unaccompanied by a parent.

I think the f-word should be left in without the rating of the documentary changing. I think the documentary will be more authentic and genuine to the content. I also think by not rating the movie this opens the audience up to more viewers and is the only way to get children to see documentaries like this with the hopes of this veiwing resulting in change. It sounds like the production company has stood up for what is right and I hope the theatres airing the documentary will do the same.

Read the article for more information about the censorship side of this documentary, in what appears to be a developing story.

For more information about the documentary “Bully” http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1682181/

Saskatchewan Premier: Ending Film Tax Credit

For about a week now there has been much attention surrounding the news that Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall is axing a film tax credit.

Yesterday Brad Wall appears to be doing some damage control stating, in an article on the Leader Post, that while the government stands firm on their decision they will be considering alternatives in an effort to support the industry.

I think diversity in the economy is positive for our province. Although oil, farming and potash are the big players in Saskatchewan’s economy the film industry still adds value in many ways. Many artists from the film industry produce great work in Saskatchewan and show this work in other parts of the world. How do  we except to keep and support those artists in Saskatchewan if we do not have the support of the government and a tax credit?

Tax credits play a hige factor in getting T.V shows and movies to locations because of portential reduced costs for the production company. If we discontinue this tax credit will we not lose people in the industry from around the world? Everywhere the film industry relies on tax credits and when the govenrment cuts funding the arts suffer; this is not unique to Saskatchewan. Many T.V shows have been known to reloacte due to this very reason.

Read the article for more information.

Also hear what actors around the world, including Wes Bentley from “The Hunger Games” has to say about the film tax credit being cut.

What does this mean for the film industry of Saskatchewan?

Is this an indication that the arts and local artists are not supported in Saskatchewan?

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Top Documentaries

(courtesy of big-film’s photostream)

“Bowling For Columbine”

“Grey Gardens”


These are just a few of the profound documentaries over the years.

You can learn a lot from a great documentary. Documentaries take a part of realit in cinematic non-fiction story telling  and often shed light on issues of social injustices or inequalities or, in simplier terms, educate you on something you did not know before.

Buzzsugar.com compiled a list of the Top 25 Documentaries.

How many of you seen? How many are you intersted in watching now? Are there any documentaries you can think of that didn’t make this list?


50 Greatest Directors of All Time

(Photo courtesy of Photo courtesy of NightRStar’s photostream)

AMC’s Filmsite.org’s Tim Dirks complied a list of the top 50 Greatest Directors of All Time. Kubrick, Coppola, Tarantino, Spielberg, and Hitchcock all made the cut, but who was number one? Who didn’t make the list? Visist the website for the complete list. Agree with the list? Disagree? Share your thoughts below.

Charlie Chaplin

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Charlie Chaplin is one of the most influential stars of early Hollywood. Behind that iconic moustache, top hat, cane, and baggy pants was an actor that lead a very intersting life. To read more about Chaplin’s biography follow the link below. Read the trivia, or fun facts after the biography, to hear about Chaplin’s connection to Hitler, his many marriages and children, the interesting events that occured following his death, records he broke in his career. Many things you’ll be surprised to know. Charlie Chaplin Bio

Cinematic Origins

Ever wondered about the origins of cinema? Entertainment, documentaries, special effects, television series…everything we see moving on the screen is because of the many cinematic pioneers.

American Thomas Edison’s invention of the kinetoscopic, a device designed to individually to peer into to watch films, marked the beginnings of motion pictures. Edison took the sequential images over a significant speed to make the images appear to be moving. Watch one of Edison’s first films below.

From there the Lumiere Brothers’, in France, further advanced motion picutres and recorded several short films, posted below.

“A Trip to the Moon”  or “Le Voyage dans la Lune” by Georges Melies was also a significant milestone in cinema as his films were increased in length. As an illusionist, Melies’ films show the origins of science fiction films.

Edwin Porter also made significant contributins to cinema in that he filmed in separate shots, and marked the beginnings of cross-cutting, in editing, to show simultaneous action which was groundbreaking at the time. Porter’s “The Great Train Robbery” also features a startling close-up of a bandit firing at the camera.

There are many cultural references to these cinematic pioneers, most often and famously made by director Martin Scorsese. The close-up of a bandit firing at the camera in referenced at the end of “Godfellas” when Joe Pesci appears at the end of the film, after his character is already been killed, and fires at the screen. Martin Scorsese’s 2011 film “Hugo” also references “Le Voyage dans la Lune” by Georges Melies throughout the entire movie and the movie is said to pay homage to cinematic pioneers.